The vision of Longwood Rehabilitative Services, Inc. is to promote healthy, active lifestyles for our patients. We believe phyiscal therapy brings motion to life by improving mobility, reducing pain and when possible, helping patients to avoid surgery. We assist in our patients’ return to an active lifestyle at work, home or play with an increased awareness for injury prevention. We strive to be an outstanding community resource for individuals to utilize optimal health and well-being.


          To perform a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation on each patient, and implement an individually designed rehabilitative program based on the                                 findings of the evaluation and the patient’s goals

         To meet the healthcare needs of our patients and exceed their expectations in service

To provide physical therapy services by licensed physical therapists/physical therapy assistants

To maintain continuity of care by having one physical therapist/physical therapy assistant treat the patient for his/her duration of care

To provide a friendly atmosphere for our patients

To continue the professional education of our staff members in order to better serve our patients

To provide community services through free educational seminars helping to increase the public’s awareness of physical therapy services and health and wellness related topics

History of Longwood Rehab

Longwood Rehabilitative Services, Inc. was established in 1983 by James I. McKee as an extension of his downtown Orlando therapy clinic. McKee Physical Therapy opened in 1971, contracting with three Orlando Hospitals and seven nursing homes, becoming the largest private practice in Florida in the span of four years. Longwood Rehabilitative Services, Inc. is now the oldest private practice in the Central Florida area. This sets our clinic and experience apart from our competitors. Staying out of the “big” corporate structure ensures our patients are not only treated by a licensed physical therapist/physical therapy assistant on each visit, but that they see the same physical therapist/physical therapy assistant throughout the course of their treatment; thus, allowing for better continuity, personalization and quality of care.

At Longwood Rehabilitative Services, Inc. we provide general physical therapy services in an outpatient setting. We specialize in treating orthopaedic conditions, and our therapists are specially trained in manual therapy techniques. Utilizing a working knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics integrated with a hands-on approach assists each patient in regaining normal function.

Longwood Rehabilitative Services

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Longwood Rehabilitative Services, Inc.

Physical Therapy Brings Motion To Life 

2629 W State Road 434  Longwood, FL 32779

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Fax: 407-774-9527