The knee is often injured in sports and every day activities; however, degenerative changes of the knee joint  due to age and “wear and tear account for pain seen in a wide patient population. Unless a joint replacement is advised by an orthopedic doctor, the best course of treatment is a supervised physical therapy program. If a joint replacement is needed, “prehab” can be performed in order for the patient to gain as much strength and flexiblity as possible before surgery. The patient will also be educated for use of a walker or cane post surgery and how to safely transfer from the car, bed, chair, etc. after surgery.

Other sources of knee pain can come from tendon, ligament or cartilage damage as well as muscular imbalances.

After an examination by one of our physical therapists, the proper diagnosis and treatment will be selected and the patient will be educated on the diagnosis, treatment plan and expected outcome of physical therapy.

Knee Pain

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