Injuries of the foot and ankle range from sprains, strains, fractures and overuse trauma.

The most common type of injury is a sprain. A sprain results from the stretching and tearing of ligaments which are fibrous bands connecting bones in a joint. Although sprains of a ligament frequently occur during athletic competition or exercise, ankles are just as often injured during daily activities like stepping off a curb or onto uneven ground.

Treatment for Foot and Ankle Injuries 

Most soft tissue injuries (sprains) can be effectively treated by the following principle: R-I-C-E

REST (As needed; Maintain motion within pain tolerance)

ICE- Place an ice bag or cold pack on the injured area with a damp rag in between the ice bag or cold pack and the skin)

COMPRESSION- Use an elasic wrap to gently compress the area

ELEVATION- Keep the injuried body part higher than heart level 

*Treatment protocols vary depending on the type and severity of injury.

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