All massages and therapies are professionally performed by a skilled massage therapist licensed by the State of Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance.

All Sport Specific, Relaxation, Medical and Spa massages or treatments include moist heat, aroma & sound therapy and professional quality paraben-free oils or creams.


Sport Specific Treatment: $50 for 30 Minute

* “Stretch & Flex” to increase range of motion

* “Muscle Strategy” to improve performance

* “Kinesio-Tape Application & Education” ($25 each area) to decrease muscle guarding or facilitate muscle movement 

Relaxation Massages: $85 for 50 Minutes

                * “Swedish” to de-stress & improve circulation 

                * “MFR” for sustained myofascial release

                * “Signature Blend” of integrated therapies

* Massage Club Available on a Regular Monthly Basis: Once a Month: $80, Twice a Month: $150, Weekly: $70 each session

Medical Bodyworks: $125 for 90 Minutes

* Microcurrent Point Stimulation for pain elimination

* Post Surgical scar tissue release

* Cranial Sacral Therapy (Adult, Child & Infant)

* Pregnancy massage for expectant moms both pre & post delivery

Spa Services: 

* Chair Massage (Ten Minutes) $20 

* Hand & Foot Treatment with Reflexology $80

* Micro-Current Non-surgical Facelift (Ask for Package Pricing)

* Lypossage Esthetiques (Ask for Package Pricing)

Certified Personalized Training: $40 for 30 Minutes

* Cardio for vascular conditioning 

* Strengthen Muscles & Densify Bones by bearing weights

* Rehabilitate to regain function

* Loss for burning fat & toning muscle

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for all services!